Why this blog?

The nascent and fresh minds of students are so creatively inclined that they have the ability to bring into being a universe of their own. They are little tyros who would, with time, unfold into verves, momentum or sensations of various creative dimensions. A chalk sculptor, a clay artist, an amateur painter of Madhubani, Warli, a dabbler of still life, a budding poet, a tenderfoot writer or a fledgling lyricist – one gets all varieties of creatively-aligned students covered in a seemingly dilettantish peel. We at Shishukunj aspire to provide a humble platform to all such potentials to smatter around and mature into the perfection that they are seeking to epitomize or become! This blog is thus an endeavor that would allow all Shishyans to just play around with their latent artistic caliber and enjoy the bliss of a “BRAVO” from known and unknown quarters.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Little Women

Vasudha Gupta, Class X D
“Well, at least it had some effect on your writing skills!” exclaimed Elizabeth. Jane brightened up and both of them thought back to the events of the previous week.
‘Mahika stood outside the Principal’s office gathering courage to go inside and talk to her but she did not know whether the Principal would believe her.” Jane tore that page off her notebook and crumpled it into yet another ball. “Ah! Why can’t I ever write or even start a reasonably amazing story?”
“That’s because you never try to relate it to life such that it instantly bonds with the listeners.” Elizabeth piped in.
This is what had happened a week ago and Jane had snapped, “Please Elizabeth!” and walked out of the room.
Jane had always tried to be verbose but in the process forgot to connect it to the readers or add emotions of any kind.
But soon after, Jane read ‘Little Women’ and understood the importance of caressing the need of simplicity and tried to make her writing more realistic.
Soon, she moved away from loquaciousness, but she also felt happy and contented.
Elizabeth shook her, bringing her back to the present. Jane heaved a big sigh, not knowing whether of relief or grief.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Two Paths

Riddhi Singhania, Class X D

Once diverged two paths
Lying adjacent to each other
Then came a distant traveller
But where to go, he muttered.

Here said the first path
No, here, said the second
The traveller stood thinking there
Where should I go, he reckoned.

The paths began to fight again
Trying to coax the passerby
But the traveller refused to hear and said
Instead, I would like to fly.

So up he went over the paths
Both looked as stunned as ever
And then again a traveller came
But the paths didn’t fight, never.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Road Which Was Taken

Zubin Turakhia, Class IX E

…And that has made all the difference,
Now as I wander in the woods
Trying to find my way out
There I see Grim Reapers under their hoods
Staring at this uncertain lout.

Alas! I have lost my way
Should I go on or turn back
But my soul said, face the obstacles ahead that lay
With confidence that you don’t lack.

I have entered a grassy stretch of meadows
Across which a diabolic jungle was present
On entry I see growling shadows
Which belong to wolves maleficent.

I prod my steed to race through
That dangerous wood
I again see a rainbow, with sky clear and blue
It is crowded, with no place for me
But it doesn’t hamper my mood.

I have made my place in the far right
As it is, the road taken was a 100% right.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Dance of the Dewdrop

Tanu Rajangaonkar, Class X

The green, soft, luminous plain
Was showered by a drop.
Like the cravings of the crops
On the land above.

Slipping down through the velvet
Crawling with a snake’s fate;

Opaqueness lost, clear as a crystal
The world could be seen through
With a panoramic view.

The twirls and turns
Like a york of a belle dancer;
Clicked by the world
Which conjectures
‘Is this the best picture?’

Unlike, subjects of a kingdom
Who follow the mainstream,
This is a brook on a leaf
Cutting down the way.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

School Days

School DaysRiddhi Singhania, Class X D

The days of school, you’ll never forget,
The fun and punishments that you get.
The friends, giggles, gossips and more,
Will remain in you till you get to four score!

Life is a journey…Riddhi Singhania, Class X D

Go ahead, walk ahead
Run ahead all day
Because life is nothing
But roads all the way.

You start like a pram
And then speed-up like a car
After you become an adolescent
You will have reached quite far.

Then too, the road is ahead
It will never come to top
And even if you grow too old
It will take you to the top!

Monday, June 05, 2017


Aditya Tiwari, Class X D

Dawn, a hero, a savior after the long darkness of night. It brings light and along with it life to the sleeping world. It brings warmth. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing dawn from a hill or a valley. It signifies strength and tells the people to get up from their sleep. It shows us to never give up and keep moving towards our goal. it is the most beautiful thing one can witness. Dawn gives us a message – Never stop trying because real failure only prevails when we stop trying.

Akansha Naneria, Class X D

See, it is out there, the smile of heaven.
People like to wake up and go out in the fresh air,
Take a walk in the ground.
The nature is fresh.
The dew drops are on the grass
We take a stroll there.
Loving nature is my passion.
The sky has pink cotton candy puffed clouds
In the sky this morning.
The sky is orange grey in colour.
I like this morning.
It is nature we like.
Love the nature.

Riddhi Singhania, Class X D

See! It is out there, the smile of the heaven, the blessing of the sun, touching not our body, but our soul, enlightening it with sacred purity. The round ball of fire, or rather energy, rises from over the horizon, waking up the old dreaming world into a new fresh morning. Deep in the heart of the sun, the crimson colour reflects a kaleidoscopic panorama, soothing every viewer’s eyes. The light of the sun is like the hand of a mother, beckoning her child to go ahead and fulfill all aspirations in the day to come.

Siddhant Athawale, Class X D

Dawn is an ignition to life in every living being on earth. It signifies the departure of darkness and arrival of brightness of light which calls for happiness and prosperity, for all. It’s the beginning of a new day, a new story and new experiences unknown to everyone. As the yellow-orange ball of fire rises up, it turns the orange-red overcast sky to blue. The thing which adds icing to the cake is the greenery, the fresh air and the beautiful chirping of the birds which feels soothing to our ears. This indicates only one message – ‘Never look back in life and always move forward and think of the present.’

Saturday, May 13, 2017

And A New Story Began...

Vasudha Gupta, Class X D

With a flowery face
And cheeks ablaze
Looked on by all sires
She set the stage on fire.

With ribbon in hand
The bridesmaids all
Made sure the beauty
Never did fall.

Dressed all in white
Her tiara quite right
To the stage so grand
She was escorted by her dad.

In satin and studded pearls
She, more elegant than most girls
Disarming was her smile
For she was the royal bride.

And so at the final step
The old man handed her pet
To the charming young man
And a new story began.